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In the past three years alone, the Ackerman Group has helped more than 130 veterinary practice owners successfully transition their businesses. See for yourself what they have to say.

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I suspect that on my own, I would have “given” my practice away without Ackerman group’s expertise!

I engaged Ackerman to sell my practice and was not disappointed. Even though my situation did not fit their business model, the whole group was very attentive and responded quickly to any concerns. This complicated process was actually quite smooth! I received many inquiries from many buyers and it was easy to refer the inquiries to my “broker”. And since many did not make an offer through the broker, I suspect that on my own, I would have “given” my practice away without Ackerman group’s expertise!

Dr. Larry Spencer
Cochranton Veterinary Hospital

I cannot recommend this team enough.

When we decided it was time to make an exit strategy for our clinic, several colleagues recommended the Ackerman Group. I contacted them, along with two other brokers, and was quickly impressed by the depth of knowledge, experience, and service that this team brings to this life event. They helped me polish up our accounting to present the best image of the clinic, and helped us evaluate the offers that we received. We are extremely pleased with the offer that we accepted, and the attention to detail provided by The Ackerman Group to get us to a successful closing. I cannot recommend this team enough. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions about our experience.

Steven Whittle, DVM
Paces Ferry Veterinary Clinic Atlanta Georgia

Not only was he able to get us a deal, we got an AMAZING deal!

My wife and I owned a small practice in the middle of nowhere Arizona. After 20+ years, we were looking to retire. However, we could not find anyone to sell our 2 doctor practice to (our associate is good, but did not want the added burden of being an owner). Even when to the “Big” transaction people, who basically told me that being geographically challenged there was a likelihood of 5 years to never before we might find a buyer.

Then, at a Veterinary conference we stumbled across Gary. He told us “no problem” – he could bundle our practice with others and get this done. We were – to say the least – skeptical. But, having no other options, we decided to go for it, and signed on.

That is where the WOW comes in. Not only was he able to get us a deal, we got an AMAZING deal. More $$$$ than we ever dared dreamed of. Literally – our deal was 3 times what we and others were expecting. THREE TIMES.

This was 18 months ago. And you know what, those 18 months have not been bad! Seriously, we still run the clinic the way we always have, with little to no interference from the Corporation that bought us. With this freedom, we are now expecting even MORE $$$$ due to the “earn out” inserted in our contract.

Because of Gary and the Ackerman Group, we will be able to ride off into the sunset, knowing that the clinic will continue on, and instead of riding off in style, we are FLYING off with Champagne wishes and Caviar dreams!!!!!!

Thank you GARY!!

Dr. Keith Lange
Lange Veterinary Center

No way I could have acquired a better deal

Gary and everyone at the Ackerman Group are just the best. They have assembled a professional team that will guide you through the sale process and educate you throughout. They make sure that not only do you get the best possible fit and deal, but provide family and financial planning surrounding perhaps the largest financial transaction in your life. I found them to be responsive to all my questions and concerns. There is no way I could have acquired a better deal without their advice and services.

Dr. Steven Hibler
Cinco Ranch Veterinary Hospital

Gave Us Confidence In Selling

I was trying to evaluate all the exit strategy scenarios in front of me and at the same time being fair to those that have worked for me as well as those whom wanted to follow in my ownership footsteps. Having been approached by a few reputable consolidation companies with generous promises, I quickly realized that to evaluate the nuances for a deal going forward, that the best all around offer was beyond my pay scale.
Having been introduced to Gary Ackerman through a colleague, he quickly and fully empathized with the task at hand and promised a means to an end that one might only dream of achieving by oneself. The ability to become involved with other veterinary groups in the sale and transition permitted the plethora of views and concerns to be expressed in an informal manner which in the end, gave us confidence in selling to the corporation that best met all our needs.
Gary, and the Ackerman group, we are all very appreciative of where you have taken us. Speaking for myself and my family, cannot say enough praises. Perfect timing for me. Gladly paying those taxes.

Dr. David Hadland
Shinnecock Animal Hospital

Phenomenal Team of Professionals

All practice owners have put sweat blood and tears to build their veterinary practices. When time comes to sell, you need to make tough life changing decisions. I was introduced to Dr. Gary Ackerman by a friend of mine. Selling a practice can be a daunting job if you don’t have someone watching your interest 100%. Gary’s team is superb in all aspect of veterinary practice transition . He will guide and coach the process every step of the way, that you can trust and not worry about the transition. He got us excellent price and terms . We are highly satisfied and pleased and will recommend his team to anybody who is considering to sell.

Dr. Jagpal Deo
South Bay Veterinary Hospital

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