Veterinary Practice Transitions Client Testimonials

In the past three years alone, the Ackerman Group has helped more than 100 veterinary practice owners successfully transition their businesses. See for yourself what they have to say.

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Well worth the Commission Paid!

“The funny thing is, and I guess a good selling point for you and the group process, is that us selling 51% still represents more money than their 100% offer 6 months prior.  Thank You – it was well worth the commission paid!”

~ Dr. LeeAnn DuMars – Fresno Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital, Pet Medical Center, Fresno, CA

Worth Every Penny!

“We finally made it!!! I want to thank you for all you have done for us. I would NEVER want to go through this without your guidance and Trey and Nima with their legal wrangling. The fees paid to you and them is worth every penny!!! I absolutely know we would never have got the deal we all did without you leading the group. I will definitely send your way anyone interested in going this direction.”

Thank you!

~ Dr. Steve Pope – Pope Animal Hospital, Alton, IL

It’s A “Game Changer”!

“I tried to do it alone – tried to sell my practice on my own. I even flew around the country to visit the corporate headquarters of the major consolidators to interview them and received offers from each. But I had no idea if they were good offers or not, or if the opportunities were the right choice for our practice. With no one on my side to offer advice, it was like swimming in the ocean surrounded by sharks. Finding Gary at the right time was a game changer. He guided me through the whole process and beyond. Paying his commission was one of the best investments I’ve ever made – the improved purchase price he negotiated covered that amount five times over, but he also obtained many key considerations I would never have thought of by myself in terms of lease, bonus structure and employment details. I’m glad Gary was in my corner as I made one of the biggest business decisions of my life.”

~ Dr. Jason Randall and Dr. JoAnn Randall – Animal Hospital Of Woodstock, Woodstock Illinois

Critical to Our Retirement Income—and Financial Legacy

“The information provided was critical to making the hard decisions that govern the amount of after-tax retiree income that my wife and I receive, as well as determining the financial legacy that we will leave behind.”

~ Ackerman Group client

I was ill-prepared…

“As I look back now, I realize how ill-prepared I was for such an undertaking and can’t imagine going through the process without your and Trey’s help.”

~ Ackerman Group client

Best Price

“Your greatest asset is explaining the big picture and the various aspects to consider, providing experts in various areas and of course negotiating the best price.”

~ Ackerman Group client

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