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In the past three years alone, the Ackerman Group has helped more than 130 veterinary practice owners successfully transition their businesses. See for yourself what they have to say.

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Ackerman Group Will School You, Guide You, and Represent You in the Most Expert Way Possible

We went “fishing” in late 2018, got an LOI and immediately realized we were ill-equipped to negotiate with battle-hardened corporate consolidators using top-tier actuaries and attorneys, much less to understand how the entire private equity world worked, much less still to get EBIDTA and leases on terms maximally favorable to us. It was Gary and his team that comprehensively schooled us in all of these elements, in depth, and in the process emerged our priorities for practice sale: a JV (not outright sale), opportunity for associates to buy in to the new partnership, and the specific mechanisms to facilitate both of these. While ultimately my partner and I had to develop the relationships with corporate contenders, put forth our terms, and of course sign off on any agreement, Ackerman ran interference for us and gave us confidence that no i left undotted or t uncrossed, and that we received maximal value for our practice in a deal that best suited us both short- and long-term. Note: we started, but did not finish, a large group sale with other practices; ultimately we were “peeled off” to a few smaller more select candidates who sought us but not 40 or more practice in one sale. But Ackerman continued to represent us in this endeavor, and the attorney he uses to negotiate final Purchase, Stockholders, Lease Agreements, etc. was A+++. Final note: no illusions – none of this is cheap. But if you are a typical practice owner like us that does not live in the corporate, private equity world, the Ackerman Group will school you, guide you, and represent you in the most expert way possible, and ultimately you will likely emerge better off, and certainly with more confidence that you obtained maximal value and terms, than you could probably otherwise muster on your own (and arguably, with any other broker).

Mark Epstein, DVM
Total Bond Veterinary Hospitals PC

Smoother Process than I Ever Envisioned

I really appreciate your team and all they did. Before I engaged with your company I looked to several highly reputable and highly recommended local brokers. None of them saw the value in my company the way you all did. When I contacted you, I would have guessed that my business was worth an amount and that was my bottom line for selling. Instead of just “clearing” that number, you helped me “net” that number and more. Your team did so much of the leg work facilitating the sale, that as an individual running my business I never felt like I was alone in the sale. I appreciate you taking my calls any hour of the day and talking to the other side to facilitate the deal. This was a far smoother process than I ever envisioned. I am super grateful for all of your help and input along the way.

Anjanette Cabeza, DVM
Doral Centre Animal Hospital

It is Very Rewarding

I would be delighted to share my journey with you. Although I have been contemplating this for about 1 1/2-2 years – I officially began last year – went through Covid and everything in between. I’m sure you have heard this before – but, nothing really prepares you for this process – it is truly unique but the end result – if you are diligent, know what you goals are going into the process and you seek alignment with your partners – it is very rewarding. I will tell you this: I have considered myself an astute business person before beginning this process. What I realized: how much I did not know. Without Gary and his team – I would have probably taken an offer for about 1/3 less than what I received. More importantly, the things I was able to secure and the things I’m going to be able to do professionally (truly a dream come true) – would never have occurred without Gary’s counsel and help.

Dan Markwalder, DVM
Animal Care Clinic of Hoffman Estates
Animal Care Clinic of Fox Valley
Millbrook Animal Care Clinic
Animal Care Clinic of Randall Point
Pingree Grove

Kept Our Best Interests in Mind

We both truly appreciate all the help you have given us in the selling of the businesses – we feel you have been honest, upfront and always kept our best interests in mind when negotiating the sales. We are happy to act as references anytime someone is interested in hearing our story.

LeeAnn DuMars, DVM
Pet Medical Center & Spa
Fresno Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center

Ackerman Group Delivered

Simply put, the Ackerman Group delivered.  I made more money, got better terms, and had a much smoother experience by selling my practice with the Ackerman Group than if had gone it alone.  They covered their fees many times over with a higher purchase price, while providing a team of experts to evaluate my financials, market my practice, effectively negotiate the sale price, provided for an excellent legal team that was able to deliver superior terms on the sale, post sale employment, and ongoing incentive options.  This wasn’t my first practice sale, but it was by far the best results.  I am very happy with the experience and would highly recommend the Ackerman Group to anyone considering the sale of a Veterinary Practice.  In this rapidly moving Veterinary Practice market, you need experts on your side to help negotiating, explain the details, and close the deal.  I’d recommend it be the Ackerman Group.

Peter Mangold, DVM
Alamo Animal Hospital

A Team of Experienced Specialists

“As a vet, thoroughly researching my cases is critical to success of my cases. So when I started looking at the possibility of merging with a corporation, I took the same approach to finding a partner. Coming to the conclusion that corporate partnership would be the next step in my path was easy as it meant that retirement was guaranteed, and with the power of the larger pool of hospitals, I was capable of more. The real challenge was how much and who.

During the process of interviewing companies to learn their philosophies and get first offers, I met Dr Ackerman. I had several good offers, and honestly I thought it was crazy to pay a broker. I was wrong.

After listing with Gary, doors were opened that I was not able to open for myself. The offers I got were higher and more creative to meet my individual needs.

In the end I got my dream partner. A company I love, who loves me and was willing to create a niche that was tailor made for me for the price I wanted.

But it didn’t stop there- Gary introduced me to an experienced team of specialists who were knowledgeable about veterinary practice sales so that I had the most experienced representation in the industry to make sure the contract protected me and that the taxes were managed to my advantage.”

~ Sherry Weaver – Towne Lake Animal Hospital, Woodstock, GA

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