Veterinary Practice Transitions Client Testimonials

In the past three years alone, the Ackerman Group has helped more than 130 veterinary practice owners successfully transition their businesses. See for yourself what they have to say.

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Blessed to Have Your Team

“I can’t imagine taking this on by myself. I was more than blessed to have your team brokering for me, my family, my employees and my legacy.”

Many Thanks.


~ Ackerman Group client

Higher Offers, Better Terms

“After listing with Gary, doors were opened that I was not able to open for myself. The offers I got were higher and more creative to meet my individual needs. In the end I got my dream partner.”

~ Ackerman Group client

$1 Million Deferred!

“Gary helped us defer – and for a long time – nearly $1 million in what would have otherwise been an immediate state and federal tax liability when we sold our group practice.”

~ Ackerman Group client

Partners in the Process

“As a practice owner of 32 years I had always attempted to manage my practice well, but when presented with an opportunity to sell, I became aware of how little I knew about the process.”

~ Ackerman Group client

Experience and Information for Making the Hard Decisions

“After 37 years in veterinary practice, I considered myself to be a successful clinician and a capable businessman, but I was filled with uncertainty and apprehension regarding retirement. Dr. Gary Ackerman … provided the critical information that I needed to negotiate the legal and financial maze associated with the sale of a veterinary practice. The information provided was critical to making the hard decisions that govern the amount of after-tax retiree income that my wife and I receive, as well as determining the financial legacy that we will leave behind.”

~ Ackerman Group client

Ackerman is Uniquely Qualified

“We deeply appreciate Dr. Ackerman’s guidance. His experience as a practicing veterinarian and his expertise in finance make him uniquely qualified to advise veterinarians who are actively planning their retirements, and he continues to closely follow and advise us long after the sale.”

~ Ackerman Group client

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