Veterinary Practice Transitions Client Testimonials

In the past three years alone, the Ackerman Group has helped more than 130 veterinary practice owners successfully transition their businesses. See for yourself what they have to say.

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Smoothing the Way

“The arrival of Ackerman Group should create a special opportunity for veterinarians who have an interest in either selling their practice or purchasing an existing practice.

Most veterinarians are pretty well up to speed with the medical issues of running a practice but run under a handicap when it comes to selling a practice.  Your guidance and help made the process of selling our eight-doctor practice relatively free of bumps in the road.  We want to thank you for your assistance.”

~ Ackerman Group client

There is more to the next stage than just walking away from your business.

“When we talk about transitioning a business that has been your life blood for many years, our attention generally goes to having the business valued, finding a lender, the tax consequences, etc. etc. However, while all of those things are important, and having the right person on your team to assist you getting all of those items handled correctly, another aspect of the transitioning process is equally important – what are you going to do the next morning after the sale takes place? Now I know there is more to moving to the next stage of your life than just walking away from your business. Have you looked at your total financial picture?  Have you thought about what you are going to do the “rest of your life?”

~ Ackerman Group client

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