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Professional Advice from Engagement to Closing

“I had spread sheets and started relationships with 11 corporate buyers and quite frankly was realizing how daunting a task it was… As I look back now, I realize how ill-prepared I was for such an undertaking and can’t imagine going through the process without you’re help. There were just too many things I wouldn’t have had a clue to ask.” ~ Ackerman Group client

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What’s Your Plan?

You took care of your community’s pets; we take care of your business.

Considering when and how to transition your veterinary practice can be overwhelming, regardless of your business acumen. With every option comes questions; with every possibility comes decisions.

Ackerman Group is uniquely qualified to answer your questions due to our collective experience and depth of knowledge in owning and running a veterinary practice, veterinary practice sales, legal and tax planning strategies, and financial and estate planning.

We start with understanding your goals, your current practice and your financial picture. We then we provide in-depth consultation to simplify the complex and help you make the best decisions to achieve the future you desire and deserve.

Ackerman Group’s Professional Advice includes:

  • Veterinary Business Valuation
  • Profitability and Benchmarking
  • Transition Planning
  • Financial and Estate Planning Strategies
  • Marketing Veterinary Practices to Corporate Buyers
  • Negotiating Due Diligence and Finalizing Practice Sales
  • Joint Venture and Private Equity Analysis
  • Tax Mitigation Strategies
  • Real Estate Investment Analysis
  • Real Estate Sale/Lease Negotiations
  • 1031 Real Estate Exchanges
  • Tax Deferred Installment Sales

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