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Facilitating Veterinary Transitions to the Corporate Market  

Ackerman Group has guided more than 150 practice owners in successfully transitioning their businesses since 2017.


Ackerman Group educates and guides veterinary practice owners through the complex business transition process to secure the best fit for their practice culture, personalized terms, and maximum value for their most important asset: their practice.

At Ackerman Group our purpose and passion are the same: to help veterinary practice owners, like you, navigate the complexities of selling your practice so you can secure your personal and financial legacies, and be confident about your future – whatever your goals may be.

Founded by Dr. Gary Ackerman

Dr. Gary Ackerman founded Ackerman Group more than 18 years ago when he saw that his fellow veterinarians were not taking full advantage of market pricing and planning opportunities when selling their practices and preparing for retirement. As a veterinarian, former multiple practice owner, licensed commercial real estate agent and investment advisor, Dr. Ackerman responded by building a unique, holistic and educational approach to veterinarian practice sales. In this way, he continues his own legacy of helping veterinarians realize their dreams for retirement.

Guided by Dr. Ackerman’s commitment and holistic approach to the market, Ackerman Group focuses on veterinary practice sales to the corporate market to the benefit of our clients and their legacies.

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