Dr. Gary Ackerman Featured in Podcast with Veterinary Integration Solutions - Ackerman Group Veterinary Transition Partners

August 24th, 2021, Author: Amy Shane

Dr. Gary Ackerman, a leader in veterinary business transitions and founder of Ackerman Group, recently joined Dr. Ivan Zak and Ryan Leech of Veterinary Integration Solutions for their podcast – Consolidate That! which focuses on critical topics in the veterinary business.

You can listen to the full 28-minute podcast here.

In this episode, “Traffic Ahead: Roadblocks to Selling a Practice”, Dr. Ackerman discusses possible pitfalls practice owners may encounter when selling their practice and what to avoid. Dr. Gary Ackerman has been advising veterinary practice owners on successfully transitioning their practice for over 20 years and has completed over $1.5 billion in veterinary tax deferred transactions as well as over $800 million in practice sales.

Dr. Ackerman discusses the importance of finding the right help when selling and how to best position yourself and your practice to potential buyers. He continues with how to get the process of selling started and wants practice owners to understand what options they have for the best possible outcome for their future and the future of the practice.

When asked what is the biggest thing that can go wrong, he said, “The biggest thing that can go wrong – doing it yourself. These are much more complex transactions than 5 years ago.” Dr. Ackerman also discusses the state of the market and the current interest in veterinary hospitals along with practice structures that include joint ventures and private equity.

For more educational resources on selling your veterinary practice visit, Ackerman Group’s Learning Center.