Why it’s important to get help selling your practice.

Meet Traci Barnes. She and her husband partnered with Ackerman Group to sell their practice in 2018. Listen to why she believes it’s important to get help when selling your veterinary practice.

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If you’re considering a business transition, it is not something you should do on your own. Our team of experts is here to help guide you through this complex process, educating you along the way. Our process makes sure you get the best fit, best terms and best price for your practice and your staff. Early, middle or even late stage of transition, Ackerman Group can help you plan and secure your future.

Our team is available for a private One-on-One call to discuss your future.

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Find exactly what you need to gain knowledge and build confidence in your veterinary practice transition. We provide many resources and topics to help prepare you or guide you through selling your practice. Search our Learning Resource Center for the topics important to you, here.

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About Ackerman Group

Ackerman Group educates and guides veterinary practice owners through the complex business transition process. We strive to secure the best fit for your practice culture, customized terms, and maximum value for your most important asset: your practice.