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Ackerman Group’s Approach to Veterinary Practice Transitions

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Leaders in Corporate Market Transactions and Client Satisfaction

The corporate consolidation of the veterinary industry is expected to continue for several years.  Ackerman Group, as the respected leader in corporate market transactions,  only deals with large corporate consolidators.  Corporations are looking for well-run, profitable practices that will fit into the business culture and brand they are building nationwide.  Ackerman Group is committed to representing you, the seller,  in this complex world.  We are your dedicated partner–with you during the entire transition process.  It is due to the quality of veterinary practices we represent that corporations rely on Ackerman Group to help them find the right practices to grow their companies.

Ackerman Group’s unique approach presents your practice to the corporate market as part of a group of practices. This approach increases your market exposure and ultimately, your practice value. However, you remain in complete control; you may choose to accept the same terms as the group of practices or negotiate a deal that is more tailored to your specific needs. We understand this isn’t just your business; it isn’t just your nest egg. It’s a legacy of achievement, care and hard work that will continue well into the future.

Ackerman Group secures personalized terms, finds the best fit for your practice culture, and gets the maximum price for your most important financial asset: your practice.

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