May 5th, 2019, Author: Paul Gormont

Steve brings a breadth of business experience within the veterinary industry to the Ackerman Group, having extensive experience in financial analysis, business valuations and operational assessments of practices. He was one of the founding team members who helped start-up National PetCare Centers, a company that owned and operated veterinary hospitals across the country. Throughout his 6+ years at the company he helped lead the firm from its inception to the #2 position in its industry before it merged with the industry leader. As a member of National PetCare Centers, Steve managed the Finance and M&A departments, the latter of which included candidate screening, due diligence, financial analysis, deal negotiation and post-merger integration.  In addition to his time at National PetCare Centers, he has also spent 10+ years providing consulting services in the veterinary industry for practice sales, fairness opinions and tax-related valuations.

In his non-veterinary-industry career, Steve has been a Research Analyst for an investment advisory firm, a Strategic Business Analyst for a global manufacturer of digital imaging, process control and asset management systems, the CFO for a start-up manufacturer and service provider of residential water sub-metering systems and the Head of Finance/CFO for a developer of software products and services for the global feed and agricultural industry. Steve holds a Bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University and an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. In his free time, he is an avid tennis enthusiast (having picked up the sport later in life) and plays on local USTA men’s and mixed doubles tennis teams. He has also become a certified tennis instructor, teaching both kids and adults. Steve has an affinity for adopting/rescuing senior dogs, particularly siblings (or bonded pairs), which are often more difficult for shelters/rescue organizations to find forever homes for.