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Veterinary Practice Sales.

With Ackerman Group, you don’t have to sell your practice alone.

We get you multiple offers faster and at a higher value than what you would have secured by yourself.

We remove the chance and luck from selling your practice.

+250 Success Stories

Get Multiple Offers Faster and for the Most Amount of Money

Stop wondering what kind of money your hospital could get.

Some veterinarians are nearing a well-deserved retirement. Others are simply ready to capitalize on the thriving practice they’ve built.

Everyone thinks that selling their practice is daunting. We’re like you, we get it. We are veterinarians and former multiple-practice owners.

That’s why we created Ackerman Group.

With Ackerman Group, every client gets a dedicated team of experts. With every little detail analyzed, every kind of support you need provided, and every clinic marketed to 40+ corporate groups, we will get you the best price for your practice.

Our Promise.

To get you multiple offers faster and at a higher value than what you would have secured by yourself.

We remove the chance and luck from selling your practice.

  • list iconThe greatest number of offers
  • table iconNo money left on the table
  • star with happy face iconUnbiased advice

We Guide Veterinarians in Corporate Practice Sales.

With quality relationships and deep market expertise, Ackerman Group helps you navigate every aspect of the transition process to successfully sell your practice in the corporate market.

Our team works with you to customize a transition plan that advances your professional and personal goals. We design a plan to secure your personal terms, find the best cultural fit for your practice, and negotiate the best price.

You are always at the center of our partnership. That means you remain involved and in control throughout the entire process, without having to manage the complexities.

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The Comprehensive, Proven Ackerman Process.

Our methodology is developed to help you navigate every aspect of your veterinary practice sale with ease and control, while we handle the heavy lifting and minute details.

From negotiating employment agreements and exit strategies, to analyzing private equity offers and tax mitigation techniques, we know the market trends, the buyers, and how you can carve out the future you want.

Every practice is different, and every plan is personalized. The Ackerman Process can last up to seven months and leaves no stone unturned. We plan, identify, negotiate, and close while educating and preparing you to sell throughout the partnership.

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The Veterinary Professionals Leading Broker

combined value of practices brokered by Ackerman Group to corporate groups.

veterinarians we have assisted on the sale of their veterinary practices.

years of collective experience of our Senior Partners in the veterinary industry.

Our veterinarian clients are our raving fans. We asked them why they selected Ackerman Group, and here’s what they said:

“I only wanted to work with the best”

I started by asking around, and Ackerman’s name kept coming up. They don’t have clients; they have raving fans. They are the largest and have closed more deals than anyone else. My vets and I are the best in what we do. Why not want the same for my practice sale. They simply are the best.

“I wanted to get multiple offers”

The more offers you get, the higher the price and the better the terms you get for your practice. When we started with Ackerman, they presented our practice to over 30 different buyers. We got hits from eight or nine of them. I never could have done all that work myself.

“I didn’t want to be taken advantage of”

Without a broker, you’re at the buyer’s mercy — they’re professional salespeople. I’m just a veterinarian. I knew that getting one more multiple would add hundreds of thousands of dollars in value, but who am I to say if my practice was worth that extra bit? With Ackerman Group, I knew I’d get what was fair.

“I wanted to talk to references”

They handed us a list of over 30 references to call, not just two or three like the other brokers we called. I talked to 10 different clinics that had used Ackerman. Every single one had only good things to say about their people and the experience working with them.

“We considered other brokers”

But they were smaller, seemed disorganized, and just felt like a one-man show. Ackerman Group, on the other hand, had a whole team of people, each of them with a ton of experience. They’ve helped more vets sell their practices to corporate groups than anyone else. With such a wealth of knowledge and experience working for me, I was confident I’d land the best deal possible.

“They’re with you for the long run”

I didn’t want a deal paying me 100% cash at closing. I wanted some stock and I wanted to keep a small stake in my practice. All the other brokers wanted to be paid in full, immediately, and then be done. Not Ackerman Group. They said they’d get paid when I got paid, and they were willing to wait for their last payment until I sell everything. That might not be for another couple of years, but they are still with me, checking in to see how the practice is performing, giving tips when they see them, and just being a REAL partner. They’re just different than the others out there.

“They aren’t lifelong salespeople. They’re former DVMs, practice owners, and business people”

I met the Ackerman Group team at VMX and was so impressed by the diversity of leadership’s backgrounds. They’ve been in my shoes before. They’ve built practices from the ground up. They’ve bought and sold practices on the corporate side before. I just think they were able to help me through the process better than if they were just high-volume sales people chasing commissions.

“They only represented ME”

I heard at my state VMA annual meeting that some brokers take fees from certain buyers (and don’t like to talk about it). When my practice sale was closing, I asked the buyer if they were paying Ackerman Group anything on the side. They said no and showed me the flow of funds. I asked if there were other brokers who request that buyers pay them fees. They said absolutely. That alone confirmed that I was being taken care of.

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What’s Included in our Work?

A dedicated team of experts with deep knowledge, personalized help, and a boundless passion for your success will support your practice.

Why Do More Veterinarians Trust Ackerman Group
to Sell Their Practice?

Best Price. Best Terms. Best Fit.

Anybody can sell a veterinary practice. Not everyone can oversee a robust sales process that delivers an exceptional economic offer, with seller-friendly terms for things such as employment agreements, real estate leases, etc., from the corporate buyer that is the right fit for YOU.

It’s that combination that is critical for every practice owner to find and that Ackerman Group routinely delivers to its clients.

Alamo Animal Hospital

Sold to



Andover Animal Hospital

Sold to

United Veterinary Care


Results That Will Please Your Personal Financial Advisor.

Size matters when it comes to practice sales advisory. With dozens of active clients at any given moment, we have real-time visibility into the market that allows us to agilely negotiate wealth-altering offers for our clients.

The breadth and depth of our relationships throughout the corporate buyer community, and the sterling reputation we’ve developed with all of them, ensures that our clients receive legitimate offers they can stake their retirement plans on.

70+ Years and Counting.

If there was Diplomate status for veterinary practice sales advisory, we’d not only be board-certified, but we’d be the Board and have developed the gold standard for delivering care to practice owners embarking on the sale process.

Our experience set is second to none when it comes to selling practices to corporate buyers. Period.

Animal & Bird Healthcare Center

Sold to



Adorable Pets Veterinary Clinic

Sold to

Community Veterinary Partners


We Take The Hassle Out of the Selling Experience.

You cannot understand how onerous the practice sales process is until you live it. We shoulder the burden so that you don’t have to.

From the countless hours of reaching out to every buyer for offers, to negotiating the fine details in all the proposals, to navigating through the diligence collection process that can make the home mortgage application experience look like a stroll in the park, we do it all for you, so that you can spend your time focused on your business, your team, and your family.

Does Your To-Do List Include These Must-Haves?

Navigating and managing your veterinary practice sale is complex. Ackerman Group helps you with every aspect of the transition process.