Case Studies

Learn why veterinarians choose Ackerman Group when they want to make the most out of selling their practice.

Animal Hospital of Woodstock front exterior

How Ackerman Group Captured Last-Minute EBITDA Growth for NJ-Based Equine Practice

Dr. Ketner wanted to eventually retire, but knew he needed to start planning his exit now to make it happen. After stumbling across Ackerman Group at a conference, Dr. Ketner entrusted our team with selling his equine practice. This was Ackerman Group’s first equine sale, and we worked closely with Dr. Ketner to learn the ins and outs of his business to drive an outcome he would be happy with.
Animal Hospital of Woodstock front exterior

Dr. Kinnarney Leverages Ackerman Group to Find His Most Compatible Buyer

What happens when your initial buyer pulls out of the sale? Find out how Ackerman Group helped pivot Dr. Kinnarney’s practice sale back on track. After navigating some ups and downs, our team strategically secured the same purchase price multiple the second time around. Read our case study to learn more.
Animal Hospital of Woodstock front exterior

How Dr. Cabeza Obtained Equity, Continued Ownership, and Expansion With a Highly-Customized Practice Sale

Initially, Anjanette approached a local broker before coming across Ackerman Group. Her local broker told her that the valuation we estimated for her practice was impossible to obtain. Our team procured optimal value for Anjanette and ultimately exceeded her local broker’s expectations.

Animal Hospital of Woodstock front exterior

How Ackerman Group Helped Secure Seven Figures More for Animal Hospital of Woodstock

The Randalls requested offers for their veterinary practice from multiple buyers before partnering with Ackerman Group. Our team obtained the couple an extra seven figures while helping their Associates benefit from the sale as well.

Animal Hospital of Woodstock front exterior

Using Ackerman Group Results in Quadrupled Sale Value for Fresno-Based Practices

LeeAnn and Bob wanted the maximum value for their clinics in Fresno. Ackerman Group showed them the strategies to increase their long-term gains, sell based on their future revenue potential, secure excellent leases for their real estate, and more.