Why Ackerman Group?

Why We Do What We Do

Selling your veterinary practice within the corporate market involves extensive time, resources, and a deep understanding of the veterinary sales market. Ackerman Group takes a unique approach in guiding veterinarians through every step of the sales process to the best terms, best price, and the best fit possible. Back in the early 2000s, Dr. Gary Ackerman, DVM, realized his colleagues were not taking full advantage of effective retirement planning and market pricing. He created a unique and specialized educational approach to veterinary practice sales that led to team expansion and Ackerman Group.

Over the years, Gary has built an incredible team with elite expertise in selling veterinary practices. Today, Ackerman Group remains the number one preferred broker for veterinary practice owners, with over $1.5 billion in combined value of veterinary practices brokered since 2020.

We are genuinely committed to your success and truly enjoy helping you navigate through the complexities of the selling process. We thrive in negotiating and securing you with the best possible value, fit, and terms for your practice. Our goal is to give you the utmost confidence in your veterinary hospital’s legacy and future.

What do you get with Ackerman Group?

Think of us as your dedicated sales support team.

Sell your practice without the stress. Ackerman Group will guide, advise, and coach you through buyer interactions to get you the best outcomes possible. We manage the entire sale process for you including the fine details and complexities. When you are needed in the sales process, we make sure your involvement is intentional and productive, so you can save time and focus on what matters.

Our connected and approachable team gives your sale a strategic edge.

We understand your business and what’s important to your staff. Our team is purposely built with DVMs, vet techs, and other veterinary professionals who are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of running a practice. Some of us also hail from veterinary consolidators, which allows us to bring in exclusive buyer perspectives and strategies to level up your sale.

For you, this is personal. We get that.

From day one, you are at the center of our partnership. Our goal is to get you a deal that aligns with your personal, professional, and financial goals. While we manage the process, you retain control and are the ultimate decision-maker. Our team focuses on holistic value: the price, terms, and culture fit matter. Our indicators of success are tangible short-term value and intangible future value.

There is no one else in the profession that has the breadth and depth of knowledge that we do.

With Ackerman Group, you have over 20 years of experience and expertise on your side. Our exclusive research and real-time market insights equip you with the knowledge to make the best decisions for you and your practice. Plus, our team boasts strong experience in deal negotiations, so you’ll never have to worry about negotiating with a buyer on your own.

Can You Sell Your Practice All By Yourself?

Why use a veterinary broker?

This is one of the most common questions we get at Ackerman Group, and the answer is simple: Practice owners acquire more value when using a broker, as opposed to trying to sell their practice on their own. Yes, even when the commission fee is factored into the equation. You can read more on why that is here.

How are we different from other veterinary brokers, and yourself?

We understand the corporate market better than anyone else.

With over 35+ corporate consolidators in the veterinary industry, how do you choose which partner is the right fit for you? At Ackerman Group, we have positive relationships with corporate buyers and know each group’s intricacies and processes inside and out. Our deep market expertise and continuous insights provide several advantages when using a broker like Ackerman Group. In fact, we’ve completed over 200 successful veterinary sales with practice owners and their corporate buyers. This makes Ackerman Group the leading preferred veterinary sales broker in the veterinary industry.

We represent you and only you.

Depending on your practice’s gross income at the initial engagement or Letter Of Intent, brokers will take a base fee percentage based on the buyer’s offer. Some brokers take fees from buyers, or corporate partners, which creates conflicts of interest. However, at Ackerman Group, all fees are paid for by the seller as we only represent and advocate for you.

We provide the most accurate estimate of value for your veterinary clinic.

Our finance team at Ackerman Group is proven to drive better profit or EBITDA than those practice owners who sell by themselves, a CPA, or a buyer conducting an analysis. During the sales process, our team routinely integrates with your financial advisor, CPA, and estates/trust attorney to produce better, highly customized deals. Our robust experience in crafting transactions produces financial benefits for your staff and Associates, so that they may have confidence in the new corporate buyer and what to expect.

We have exclusive insight and experience with veterinary practice sales.

The veterinary industry is a unique, niche space that requires its own meticulous appraisal methodology. You won’t find the same level of expertise and knowledge when using general business brokers or attorneys to help sell your practice. Ackerman Group only specializes in veterinary practice sales with corporate groups, giving you the peace of mind that no detail will be missed. Our team knows how to evaluate assets through the lens of a veterinary practice buyer, whereas selling alone or with an attorney or general business broker will not have the same level of insight.

Saves You Time.

Increases Your Practice’s Value.

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The Comprehensive, Proven Ackerman Process.

Our methodology is developed to help you navigate every aspect of the transition process with ease and control, while we handle the heavy lifting and minute details.

From negotiating employment agreements and exit strategies, to analyzing private equity offers and tax mitigation techniques, we know the market trends, the buyers, and how you can carve out the future you want.

Every practice is different, and every plan is personalized. The Ackerman Process can last up to seven months and leaves no stone unturned. We plan, identify, negotiate, and close while educating and preparing you to sell throughout the partnership.