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Your veterinary practice is your personal and financial legacy. If you are considering selling your practice, contact us! Our veterinary practice transition team offers the financial know-how and expertise to guide you through the complex transition process. We know how to protect and maximize the value of your life’s work.

The Comprehensive, Proven Ackerman Process.

Our methodology is developed to help you navigate every aspect of the transition process with ease and control, while we handle the heavy lifting and minute details.

From negotiating employment agreements and exit strategies, to analyzing private equity offers and tax mitigation techniques, we know the market trends, the buyers, and how you can carve out the future you want.

Every practice is different, and every plan is personalized. The Ackerman Process can last up to seven months and leaves no stone unturned. We plan, identify, negotiate, and close while educating and preparing you to sell throughout the partnership.