Veterinary Practice Sales Process - Ackerman Group

Ackerman Group’s Holistic Veterinary Practice Sales Process Puts You First

“The funny thing is, and I guess a good selling point for you and the group process, is that us selling 51% still represents more money than their 100% offer 6 months prior.  Thank You – it was well worth the commission paid!”

~ Dr. LeeAnn DuMars – Fresno Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital, Pet Medical Center, Fresno, CA

The Ackerman Process

The transition of your practice isn’t just about finding you the highest price. Our goal is to obtain the best fit for your practice culture, best terms for you and your staff and the best price for your practice—and your future. 

Our comprehensive, streamlined process helps you: 

  • Assess the right timing for your transition based on your financial plan, goals and needs;
  • Set reasonable expectations for the process and desired outcomes based on your short and long-term goals;
  • Identify the best fit, best terms and best price from pre-qualified corporate buyers;
  • Plan the most tax efficient transaction for you and your family;
  • Negotiate the sale or lease of your real estate;
  • Stay deeply involved in the process and in charge of all decisions without having to manage the complexities.
*Estimated timeline based on past transactions.

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