Industry Roundtable: Headwinds Impacting the Veterinary Market & Where It’s Going

July 21, 2022
How is the veterinary market landscape changing in today’s economy? What does it mean for your practice? Where is the industry headed?

More about this webinar

Join us as we discuss changes in the veterinary market and how macroeconomic forces affect practice valuations, buyer strategies, and more. Rich Lester (Co-CEO, Ackerman Group) is joined by industry leaders as they provide their perspective on current market trends and shifts while sharing their thoughts on what the future may have in store.

With this webinar, you’ll walk away with a thorough understanding of the industry factors and economic forces affecting the veterinary space at the moment (Q2 2022), as well as exclusive knowledge of where the market’s headed.

Your Speakers

Rich Lester

Rich Lester

Co-CEO at Ackerman Group

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Marcus Ricciani

Chief Development Officer at Veterinary Practice Partners

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Clayton Stanley

EVP of Corporate Development at Amerivet

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Len Podolsky

Head of Business Development at Evervet

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Brett Hallman

VP of Practice Acquisitions at People, Pets & Vets