Q3 Update: Veterinary Practice Sales in Today’s Economic Reality

October 19, 2022
The economy is uncertain and a recession may be coming. What changes occurred recently in veterinary practice valuations, buyer strategies, and deal structures in the corporate market? Where do we think the market is going?

More about this webinar

Join us as Rich Lester (Co-CEO, Ackerman Group) provides his perspective on current market trends and shifts as well as what the future may have in store. Some topics we cover:

  • Macroeconomic forces (interest rates, inflation, war, etc.) and how it affects veterinary practice sales and deal structures
  • Where EBITDA multiples land for individual veterinary hospitals at present and how we predict they’ll trend in the future
  • Shifts on the buyer side (recapitalizations, IPOs, etc.) and how it plays into the fate of your veterinary practice sale

Your Speaker

Rich Lester

Rich Lester

Co-CEO at Ackerman Group