What terms and acronyms do you need to know to sell your practice? Learn the lingo from Rich Lester as he breaks down the key phrases, concepts, and jargon to help you navigate the transition process.

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EBITDA, JVs, TopCo, tag-along rights, earnouts…the list goes on! With any industry, there are acronyms and jargon commonly used, and the acquisitions world is no different.

While these words may seem like a foreign language, they don’t have to be. In this webinar, we’ll break down the key terms, phrases, and concepts that are helpful to veterinary practice owners as they enter the transition process. You’ll learn:

  • The important terms used in the veterinary sales process and what they mean
  • Why these key terms are important to understand
  • A deeper dive into distinct characteristics of key terms: how to calculate, differentiate, and examine them in the context of your practice sale

Your Speaker

Rich Lester

Rich Lester

Co-Chief Executive Officer