Selling Your Practice? What You Should Know

April 26, 2022

Considering selling your veterinary practice by yourself? Start here. Dr. Gary Ackerman shares what you should be thinking about before you dive into the transition process.

More about this webinar

In the early 2010s, only 10 corporate groups were buying up veterinary practices. Right now, there are 35 groups and counting.

Today’s veterinary acquisitions market is exciting, but equally complex. There are countless to-do items and intricacies to navigate in order to sell your practice successfully. For practice owners planning to sell on their own, we’ve compiled all the questions and considerations you should think over before you begin your sale.

You’ll learn:

  • Preparation needed to achieve a successful sale
  • Common mistakes made by DIY sellers and how to avoid them
  • Key considerations to examine before kicking off the sales process

Your Speaker

Dr. Gary Ackerman with cat

Dr. Gary Ackerman

Founder & Co-CEO